Why the name annaloog?

annaloog is a made-up word and comes from the term ” analog”, which can literally be translated as “corresponding” or “appropriate” . It developed from my story: The idea for the annaloog label came about at an interface – in 2000, when the analog gave way to the digital. My childhood and youth were internet free. We mended cassette tapes with scissors and tape, we glued paper collages with letters, we wrote notebooks with pencil and fountain pen, there was a telephone for every household and social life ran in real time, except for phone calls and letters. You saw yourself real.

By 1990-2000 there were already e-mails, they were scanned and digitally designed, but there were still no smartphones. Analogous work demanded and still requires other approaches today. There is no “Undo” button. At most an eraser. The power of a picture then arises from the immediate physical impulse of its painter / creator. With an analogue painted picture there is always the risk of failing in the final moment. There are layers that arise … and that are reflected in the many layers of paint.

Both have qualities, with the analog way of working I particularly love the spontaneous, intuitive and emotional effect.

annaloog sees itself beyond creating art as a small & fine «ideas agency» . As a freelancer, she represents small and sustainable projects, advising with text, conception and ideas.

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