Iconic portraits on paperplates

I love portraits. «Portraying comes from the Latin” Protrahere “and means  “drawing out the being”. A portrait shows what is actually invisible.

Painting on a paper plate is a kind of oracle because it is an associative process of creation without a model … This is how beings develop, in the form of face and shape. Character, attitude, soul and personality shimmer through through colors and expression. Rembrandt and other Dutch painters painted so-called “Tronies”, small portraits that were created only from their imagination. So they developed their own repertoire for facial features …

They are small, picturesque “polaroids” that represent the fast pace of today’s biographies. On the fast-food lids, the portraits lose their originally traditional intention. Technique: acrylic, oil, white underpainting with glazes

Colored framed by painted wooden frames and marked with Latin names. z. B. Cardboard. voluptus – the fun cardboard. stupor – the astonished cardboard. risor – the mocking cardboard. nubilosus – the opaque. The collection now includes more than 250 “pappies”. Further information can be downloaded as a PDF. as well as: catalog and overview

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 Portraits Pappies


Further exhibitions: Konstanz cultural center • Hagenwil Castle, Thurgau • Lens cultural center, Weingarten • Biennale for small sculptures, Hilden • Galerie38, Vienna-Ottakring, • Luckenwalde Museum, Brandenburg • Laufenburg Cultural Night, Fischergasse Gallery etc. • Kloster Bad Schussenried

Kulturzentrum Konstanz, Ausstellung Pappies




The main collection is not for sale because it is family owned. However, the collection can be loaned out. Another edition is planned. Commissioned portraits (anniversaries, birthdays, gifts for special people) in the style of “pappies” in the format 15×20 cm. Prices: from € 125 each; from 5 portraits € 500, –








The imaginary home of the “Pappies” is in “Pappistan”: “Pappistan” is a very small republic. Hardly recognizable on the world map, it is located in a forest area between the countries Absurdistan and Realistan.