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Postcard views from all areas ANNALOOGer Art: “Pappies», «Riechard, the nose,” “time – a tik-tak-matic exhibition”, “color fish” and free motifs from painting and illustration. Set of 6 postcards to 5, – EUR can be ordered shop@annaloog.de





    “Together, the act” Pappies “like a portrait gallery, a colorful patchwork of personalities.” That poster on the Pappies: format 8o x 120 cm, signed, Price: EUR 20, – plus shipping costs. Email to  shop@annaloog.de

    «Riechards travel»

    “This little poetic book and its illustrations are something to look at and see through” “. Little book for great detectives. “Is the moon like a keyhole, behind which a new world is? Why symbols are so closed? What pencils are good in an emergency? And how does a curious nose fly through the many  layers of the universe ? Horoscopes are good as parachutes? Is there a GPS for my destiny? More and more questions arise… . just the suitable stuff for a full moon night “hand-bound copy price EUR 15,