“Il mio Giordino” – scetches from my garden – work in progress



“Pappies” – portraits on paperplates
Monastery of Schussenried



6.7. -31.10. 2019 Exhibition in Kloster Schussenried  – Opening in the Kunstnacht

Buch der Bilder, Mal- und Schreibwerkstatt

Sketch up with writing and drawing and start with a book…
workshops 18-25.9. 2019



Exhibition with paintings from various phases.
“Just the beginning”
Hotel Six, Hauptstrasse 6 | 8280 Kreuzlingen | www.hotelsix.ch

Ice books –  ephemeral literature


Papier&was – Literaturhaus Gottlieben 28. – 30.10. 2017







Papier und was: Buchkunst



“Portraits on paperplates”


7.7.bis 11.8.2017

Kloster Schussenried

“Pappies” – Portraits on paperplates

 Die "Pappies" - Portraits auf Pappteller im Himmelreich des Barocks

In the setting of one of Southern Germany’s most beautiful Baroque Libraries Kloster Schussenried ,  “The pappies” Portraits on paper plates”.




28.6. Reading with sound collages



Organic materials: fibers, leafs and seeds as horsetail, maple, poppy, flowers – combined with wax and pigments on canvas.




Niederburg /analogue site – Konstanz 2016

NIederburg Gassenfreitag und Kunstnacht … die kleinste Galerie vom Bodensee