Buch der Bilder, Mal- und Schreibwerkstatt


Book of images

From the tradition of illustration to creative writing we’ll spend a weekend to start a own book project (poems, family chronic, diary etc). 

3./4.03. 2018 , 10:00 – 17:00 h , 140 €

1.03. Portrait, 4x thursday 18.15 – 20.15 h , 80 €

Annaloog Artbooks at Büchermarkt am 12.5. 2018 · 10 – 17 Uhr



Exhibition with paintings from various phases.
“Just the beginning”
Hotel Six, Hauptstrasse 6 | 8280 Kreuzlingen | www.hotelsix.ch


Time between years

Writing and Painting Workshop – 28.12.17 to 30.12.17

“In the middle of the night lies the start of a new day” and as the opposite of day the night is a place of security, love and production, as well as one of darkness and chaos. The Christmastide – the twelve days of Christmas crossing the years. It is a very personal time in which we part from the old ear and enter the new year. Together with the artist Ute Kledt you can increase awareness of this time and the potential of the night through writing and painting dreams and fantasies.



Ice books –  ephemeral literature


Papier&was – Literaturhaus Gottlieben 28. – 30.10. 2017







Papier und was: Buchkunst



“Portraits on paperplates”


7.7.bis 11.8.2017

Kloster Schussenried

“Pappies” – Portraits on paperplates

 Die "Pappies" - Portraits auf Pappteller im Himmelreich des Barocks

In the setting of one of Southern Germany’s most beautiful Baroque Libraries Kloster Schussenried ,  “The pappies” Portraits on paper plates”.




28.6. Reading with sound collages



Organic materials: fibers, leafs and seeds as horsetail, maple, poppy, flowers – combined with wax and pigments on canvas.






Niederburg /analogue site – Konstanz 2016

NIederburg Gassenfreitag und Kunstnacht … die kleinste Galerie vom Bodensee

Presented by Schwarzhandpresse, Flaach, Switzerland, 2014