How can Annaloog be explained? A label? One approach? A condition? Perhaps it can be implied with a "sandwich" of words:

"The original is always what is being created | now and immediately | irretrievable | noticeable | an approach and circling around | practice, experience and discover | a process with “happy accidents” | persistence | in the momentum of body, soul, presence arises "uniqueness" | to be inspired | failure and finding “accidental” solutions | "finalmente": lived life | analogous = corresponding, appropriate | like the body size of the medieval master builders who worked with the "cubit" | digging for ideas | continue to grow sustainably and organically | step by step | decelerate…”

My name is Ute Kledt and I am the artist behind this philosophy. Or Anna Loog;-) What I need in my work is working with my hands and materials. Experience. Succeed. Something that goes beyond one's own ability sometimes comes to one like a ripe apple, a "bonne chance". Continue reading

My artistic spectrum touches on topics such as nature, landscape, water, relationships. Some of the projects are participatory. Comparable to a wide-ranging bookshop, I would like to invite you to browse and look around on my site. And if you have any questions, contact me or sign up for the newsletter.