Ute Kledt

Terms that have accompanied and accompany me: time, sea addicts, portraits on paper plates, illusionistic things with “Riechard – the nose”, synchronized swimming and “femmes natales”, foundation of the “annaloog” label, “color fishing” in Brittany, ice swimmers in an old bathing hut in Rorschach, “Miles from anywhere” in Iceland, “Happy waters” on Lake Constance, “ice books” stored in the refrigerator – in a paper exhibition, “Unpleasant places and pleasant places”, places of longing and hospitals that are ready to be demolished. Stories and layers from archeology.

Since 1994: design, illustration, photography, sculpture. Courses with topic-specific knowledge and support in artistic developments.

Training & professional practice
Humanistic grammar school, dual study for tourism / business administration, Ravensburg.
Study of communication design at the HTWG Konstanz, degree: film, illustration, appearance.
Role models from back then: Milton GlaserTommi Ungerer , Zygmunt Januszewski .

Contribution to analogue fine arts / illustration / painting:
International Summer Academy Salzburg, “Word, Message – Image” with Zygmunt Januszewski
Contact studies for illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart / Prof. Brudi
International Summer Academy Salzburg, “Painting and Space” Jacobo Borges
lessons with Tom Leonhardt , Art School Wangen

Part-time study for adult education at the PH Weingarten
Development of topic-centered course concepts with a focus on painting and binding agents, production of earth pigments, plant colors etc., experimental pigment research;

Center for School Quality and Teacher Training (ZSL), Rothenfels Castle, Rastatt, painting as abstraction: at Johann Nussbächer
workshop of the Leipzig Summer Academy 2010 in Grimma.
Lecturers: Katrin Kunert, Hans Aichinger , Wolfram Ebersbach, Jörg Ernert / painting

Collaboration and project position in imparting knowledge and making invisible world heritage
“pile dwellings around the Alps” visible , State Office for Monument Preservation, Hemmenhofen.

Collaboration at a foundation for a living culture of old age, CH-Berlingen
Collaboration in the organization of the German-Swiss exhibition Papier & Was , Literaturhaus Bodman CH-Gottlieben

Engagements & commitments & current training:

Academy for value-oriented communication  G FK
Painting from the source: www.paintingfromthesource.com
Narrators without borders

Exhibitions and projects
1999  “Time, a tic-tac-tic exhibition”, Kronenhof, Berlingen, CH
2003 “Sea addicts” group exhibition, Kronenhof, CH
2003   Artiste-en-Residence in Pont Aven, Bretagne.

2007 cultural center Konstanz; “The Pappies”, portraits on “cardboard”

“Paper & what” Literaturhaus Gottlieben
“Zeitzeichen” annual exhibition at the Kunstverein Konstanz

“Pappies”, portraits on paper plates, Reichenau Island and at Hagenwil Castle, Thurgau, CH
“Farbenfischen”, Translake, Constance
“Landscape XXL”, City Hall Gallery Constance

«Pappies», portraits on cardboard in / at:
• Lens culture center, Weingarten
• Biennale for small sculptures, Hilden
• Galerie38, Vienna-Ottakring
• Luckenwalde Museum, Brandenburg
«Colored fishing» , participation in the wonderful “Water Week”, Constance

“Swimmers and other pictures” Rorschacher Badhütte, Rorschach, CH
H2Art, Arbon: Natales – people in the water.
“Pappies” photographs , portraits on paper plates, Culture Night Laufenburg, Galerie Fischergasse, CH
Artist-in-Residence Seydisfjördur / Iceland, residential grant at the Skaftfell Culture Center

July to August VOL.1 picture sculpture object in the city. Gallery Villa Bosch in Radolfzell.
Group exhibition of 32 artists from D, CH, A.

September  “Water mirror”  Elbe island Kaltehofe Hamburg: Exhibition with Erich Bäuerle and Alexander Lauterwasser

Exhibition in Schloss Glarisegg, CH-Steckborn
“Miles from anywhere“, Schwarzhandpresse , CH-Flaach

July / August “Black Market”, joint exhibition with artists from the Lake Constance area, Lachenmann Gallery, Constance.
Artbeat Vol. 2, art and charity campaign, with artists from Constance, Kreuzlingen, Zurich, Basel and London, in the Bürgersaal, Constance
“Kompostkinder”, organic products with wax and pigments, “Tiny House gallery”, Constance

November 2016 Art Night Niederburg / Konstanz

“Happy waters” , photographs – snapshots in the lake, exhibition, sound reading and book, Konstanz
Just the Beginning: “Individual works” in the Hotel Sixt / Kreuzlingen
“Pappies” – portraits on cardboard, Schussenried Abbey.
Ice books – special exhibition “The other book” at  “Paper & was” , literature Bodman, CH- Gottlieben,

“Pleasant Places – Unpleasant places” , own texts and illustrations as a room installation as part of “Visite! – Art in an empty hospital “- joint project with presentations by 80 artists from Germany and Switzerland in Constance.
“Contrasts”, juried member exhibition at the Kunstverein Konstanz

• Study trip: Islands of the Mediterranean / North Sea
• Il mio giardino – sketches / garden diary

“Pappies” – portraits on cardboard, culture night in Schussenried Abbey, State of Baden-Württemberg
“Tomorrow’s Snow”, members ‘ exhibition at the Kunstverein Konstanz

• “Slow Art Day” – deceleration
action Drawing together at different tempos • Cultural funding for the short film “Il canto degli ucelli”


• GEDOK Stuttgart, joint exhibition “Taufrisch” –

• Membership exhibition BBK Südbaden

Articles and documentation for download:

 Artist in residence_2003.pdf

  Time – a tik-tactical exhibition in the seminar center Kronenhof 2003 

  « Seensucht_ Exhibition 2003 , CH- Berlingen

  Not made of cardboard: Stadtmagazin, 2006

  Südkurier: Wacky from Pappistan, 2007

  PDF press Weingarten

  PDF press City Museum Luckenwalde_2009

  «Natales» H2Art, Arbon, 2010 

  Interview as part of the exhibition at “Translake”

Own documentation:

  “Pappies” – portraits on paper plates

  Painting – overview

Happy waters book exhibition project

  Unpleasant Places – Visite text / room installation art in a dilapidated hospital #

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