I picked an azalea and carried her home When I look at them / I see purple in front of me the color of my lover Garment.

Izumi Shikibu, Japanese poet of the Heian period.

Paint, color and design with natural colors. Make your own colors!

Create dye plant gardens – become part of a global network. An experimental workshop to get to know colors from natural materials such as soil, flowers, berries, leaves and bark. Even collecting the coloring plants / materials changes the view and lets us rediscover the essence of color and plants. With curiosity and the joy of discovery, a special connection to the “colorant” and the surprising peculiarities is created.

It is a thoroughly peaceful, pleasantly colorful world in which old knowledge is rediscovered and passed on, natural resources are used sustainably and creative ideas are implemented freely and meaningfully. A world that lives from diversity and invites everyone – big or small, white or black, young or old, with or without a handicap, poor or rich – to take part. Sevengardens Konstanz is part of the international dye plant network of Peter Reichenbach and the atavus.e.V. –  www. sevengardens.eu

A first garden with dyer’s plants (dyer’s willow, dyer’s madder, dyer’s chamomile, bedstraw and beetroot) was created this year in the palm house area.

Workshops once a month in the palm house. Contribution to expenses 50, – €. Discounts for young people / children / low-income earners by prior arrangement. The current Corona requirements apply in the Palm House.

Location: Palmenhaus Konstanz; Zum Hussenstein 12, 78462 Konstanz

Please register at least 3 days before the start under email.

Individual offers for kindergartens, school classes, events and further training in youth and adult work. For inquiries, please contact me by email or phone. I would be happy to make you a non-binding offer. .

The project is funded by the Kulturamt Konstanz.